Reservations, Information: (+212) 53 557 4124 or (+212) 666 185 639 (8 am-10 pm, Moroccan time)
Maison D'Hotes Sahara
Maison D'Hotes Sahara, Zaouit Amelkis- Aoufous- Errachidia Morocco
Morocco is defined by color, texture, intricate pattern, sound and motion, and light. In all things, Morocco is a vibrant country. The geology and geography of this country add to its compelling contrasts—desert and mountain, sand and water, red rock and green palms. The ever-changing vistas boggle the imagination and tug at your hear. A guided tour will help you discover the physical aspects of this magical place. Visit once, and you will fall in love with Morocco.

Reservations and information: please call (+212) 53 557 4124 or (+212) 666 185 639 (8 am - 10 pm Moroccan time), or contact us.

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