lu Maison D'Hotes Sahara
Reservations, Information: (+212) 53 557 4124 or (+212) 666 185 639 (8 am-10 pm, Moroccan time)
Maison D'Hotes Sahara, Zaouit Amelkis- Aoufous- Errachidia Morocco
Maison D'Hotes Sahara room
Timeless, harmonious respite where traditional elegance meets modern amenities in an exotic setting. Quiet and private, the Guest House is located 5 kilometers from the main road and surrounded by spectacular scenery including red rock formations, a Palmeraie (palm forest), and lovely river area. Guests may enjoy extensive walking, hiking, and biking trails, or sign up for guided tours of the area. Restaurant service includes two salons providing dining service for guests as well as catering events for parties up to 100. Mobile phone reception is available throught the entire property, which is smoke and alcohol free. Alcohol available nearby.

Reservations and information: please call (+212) 53 557 4124 or (+212) 666 185 639 (8 am - 10 pm Moroccan time), or contact us.

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